Missing a Note

Dir: Beth Moran

15 min.



Role: Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor

Missing a Note

As schoolgirl and aspiring singer Molly Groves performs before retired opera legend, John O'Connell, in hope he will write her a good scholarship report, John's now diminishing memory means Molly is in for a few puzzling surprises. Beth Moran’s Oscar-qualified short Missing a Note stars Elaine Paige and touches on the difficulties of living with Dementia

The topical live-action short Missing a Note (2019) premiered at the New Renaissance Film Festival where it won the Best UK Short and had recent theatrical releases in the UK/USA. This is the directorial debut for Beth Moran, the topical issue of dementia is very close to her heart. This charming film stars Elaine Paige OBE, Ian McElhinney (Game of Thrones) and introduces Darcy Jacobs. Now this wonderful film has qualified to be considered for Oscar consideration.