MAD Sound Studios!! 2023-11-02

MAD Sound Studios!!

Exciting news!! MAD SOUND STUDIOS is born!

In the heart of the countryside in Fafe, near Porto, we moved to a new space at Casa dos Pinheiros Farmhouse.

A 5.1 surround studio with the perfect space and environment to provide all the sound post production for any film project. From the early sound design conceptualization, going through all the edit and foley recording right up to the final mix, we make sure the detailed obsession for the perfect sound for the perfect moment is our maximum priority.

CADBURY'S CREME EGG - Golden Goobilee 2022-11-24

News, news, news!! 2022-11-24

Amazing how time flies!

The lack of time for updates can only be a good sign, right!

Fortunately enough I’ve had the pleasure of working on amazing projects lately on all sorts of formats. A few that I like to point out such as the Oscar qualifying short “Finding Wilson”, mentioned on the Film Industry Network as one of the top 8 shorts to watch in 2022. (https://filmindustry.network/top-8-short-films-to-watch-in-2022/39750)
“Aos Dezasseis”, a beautiful short directed by Carlos Lobo and produced by the amazing guys at Olhar de Ulisses was selected for the 2022 Berlin Film Festival and has won several awards already. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt17052552/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0)
Produced as well by Olhar de Ulisses is the amazing short directed by Mário Macedo, “Terceiro Turno”, which won this year’s best directing at Vila do Conde Film Festival. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15085506/?ref_=nm_flmg_t_5_snd)

Very pleased to share that “O que podem as Palavras”, a feature doc directed by Luísa Sequeira and Luísa Marinho and produced by Anexo82 won the audience award at “Doclisboa 22”. A very powerful film based on the release of the “Novas Cartas Portuguesas” by Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa. Questioning the female role in the society, these letters clearly transgressed the establishment of the Portuguese dictatorial regime lived in the 70’s! (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt20599488/?ref_=nm_flmg_t_1_snd)

On a different subject, but this time questioning both male and female roles on the everyday parenthood is the feature doc “50/50”. Such a relevant subject beautifully addressed by Mafalda Rebelo at Cimbalino Filmes. The film will screen on national tv (RTP) on the 8th of December.

Still on the long format I had the pleasure of working again with the guys at Red Desert on the films “Lucefece” and “Maças Azuis”. This next year will mark also André Marques’s debut feature “The Drunk”. A truly amazing film which tells us the story of Rogério, who night after night drinks until losing control of his actions. One of those nights he comes across a desperate young woman, who he offers to help not knowing that this will turn his night in a living nightmare. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11760562/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt)

On the commercial front I had the pleasure to work regularly with Scuta Salamanca on films for Erste, Foot Asylum, Quavers, Starling Bank, Cadbury, Standard Chartered and Kellogg’s. With the guys at Indy 8 and Plus One Amsterdam and also with the very cool guys at Um Segundo Filmes, apart from the Radio Popular, Cork and Milaneza films, I had a blast creating the sound for the WoW projects (https://wow.pt/museums/). The first one is the main entrance video of the Wine Experience Museum and the second is the whole soundscape for the Pink Palace (https://wow.pt/pt/experiencias-museus/pink-palace/). Definitely worth visiting! 

Looking forward to 2023!!

2020 New Year, New Updates! 2020-02-06

Another year has passed and fortunately again, with tons of amazing projects on a wide range of formats! Adidas, Qatar Rail, Betsafe, Ministry of Sound, Scope, Bumbu or Ginette are some of the brands I had the pleasure to work on lately.

"Mabata Bata", the feature directed by Sol de Carvalho set in Mozambique, amongst other awards won Best Achievement in Sound on the African Movie Academy Awards!

Season 5 of the Netflix Murder Maps series is out and had a blast working on a series of films for the new Age of Empires game!

On the feature format I'd like to point out "Everybody Flies", a documentary directed by Tristan Lorraine, which received a standing ovation in its premiere at the Raindance Film Festival in London, is about the controversial issue of cabin air quality.
Another one that was very fun to work on was the portuguese fiction "Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas" directed by Tiago Guedes.

On the short format I'd like to point out "Look No Further", an amazing vampire love story film directed by André Marques, "Played", a live action 3D mixed film directed by Mark Van Welzenis and the Oscar qualifying "Missing a Note", a film directed by Beth Moran about a young schoolgirl who wants to be a singer, and whose relationship with a former opera singer suffering a mental decline brings the two together in unexpected ways. "Missing a Note" is being screened in festivals all over the world and had already won several awards. The Oscar qualifying film screened before the Downton Abbey feature last September across the UK.

"Whistleblowers" was an animation project directed by Darren Wall for the BBC I had the pleasure to work on. It explains how bribery has impacted on all levels of football in Algeria.

My collaboration with the amazing brazilian artist Jonathas de Andrade continues to grow as over the last year I had the privilege to work on two of his latest projects, "Voyerístico" and "Jogos Dirigidos", which puts together a language experience. In Várzea Queimada community, in the Sertão of Piauí, Northeast of Brazil, a place with about 900 inhabitants and a high rate of deaf-mute population, access to water and public investment is scarce, as is the learning of the official Libras, the Brazilian sign language. In the face of all these limitations, Várzea Queimada's deaf community created its own language.

A lot has happened lately and hopefully 2020 will be a great year as well. So far a few films already lined up. I can tell you I'll be working on Tristan Lorraine's new feature as well as the new feature documentary from Anna Azevedo, a brilliant director from Brazil. 

McDonalds Bite-Size Fun 2020-02-05

Here are a few little McDonalds commercials I did the sound post for. HAVE FUN!

Long time..no news! 2018-03-30

Almost a year since my last update! The reason being... a super busy year!! Sooo…where to start..

I've been really privileged to be able to work on amazing projects on a very wide range of formats, fiction, documentaries and animation projects, feature and short films, commercials and art exhibition projects.

In between several commercial projects for brands like Huawei, Microsoft Windows, Ooredoo, SPDR, Betsafe or Qatar Airways, I've been very lucky to work on four feature documentaries and an amazing fiction called "Mabata Bata", a feature directed by Sol de Carvalho set in Mozambique, tells the story of Azarias, a young shepherd who dreams of one day being a normal kid and go to school. One day the best ox of the heard explodes in a war mine and fearing his uncle Azarias decides to hide away in the forest.
It's an exceptional film and will start its film festival circuit very soon.

On a different field I've been very privileged to have worked on three different Netflix series for 3DD, "Murder Maps", "Myths & Monsters" and "Game of Kings". Definitely worth watching!

 You can check below two amazing projects I had the pleasure to work on. The first one is an animation intro for the "Trojan Horse Festival 2018", a beautiful animation created by the portuguese studio Jump Willy and with music from the amazingly talented composer Pedro Marques. Enjoy!!

This project was really great fun to work on, too. An incredibly crafted film by Plus One Amsterdam for SPDR with music from one of the best composers around, Lennert Busch. Enjoy!! 

News and more news... 2017-04-05

News and more news...

Ahooy!! It has been ages since the last update, but a lot has happened these past months!!

In between quite a few commercial projects for Warner Brothers, Guardian Media, Bumbu, KLM, Belaire, BBC, Purina, and more... I had the chance to work on a few amazing short films. A beautiful and very intense film named "Carga" directed by Luis Campos. "O Peixe" directed by Jonathas de Andrade is a portrait of a ritual in Brazil, where fishermen hold the fish on a deadly embrace. Earlier this year I had the chance to work on a very interesting BBC documentary called "Heal Me in the Name of Jesus", directed by Jack Newman. One of the last projects I worked on is called "Ellston Bay", a short film directed by Nicholas Eriksson, which had its first screening on the amazing London IMAX. This meant I had the chance to create a mix for the IMAX and the result was absolutely incredible!!

Boi Neon is premiering in cinemas all around the globe and in February premiered in my hometown, Porto! I had the honour of presenting the film at Cinema Trindade, one of the most iconic theaters in Porto. (pict above)

It's already confirmed that in the next months I'll be working on two feature films. More updates on this soon!

Best Mix Award!! 2016-07-12

Best Mix Award!!

A delayed wind just arrived from Brazil! August Winds/Ventos de Agosto won Best Mix at the 9th CineMusica Film Festival 2015. The award just arrived and here it is!! Congrats to the whole team!!

Greenpeace FlashMop 2016-07-11

Check out this amazing Action Productions Film for Greenpeace I had the pleasure to work on!

Updates and...British Animation Award 2016-03-31

Updates and...British Animation Award

Greetings!! Here are a few updates from the past couple of months!


Busy times!! On February and March I've been working on a few projects for the US, UK, Holland, Qatar. Among shorts, documentaries and animations I have been having loads of fun developing sounds for Samsung Galaxy themes!

After premiering in Brazil, Boi Neon is hitting the US starting in April in New York with screenings at the MoMA The Museum of Modern Art and Film Society of Lincoln Center.

I've been working on a new Guardian series these past weeks and received amazing news regarding the Power of Privacy Series that I worked on last year. It won a British Animation Award for the animated sequences. Matthias Hoegg was the animation director! Congrats to the team!!

Plus One Amsterdam 2015 Showreel 2016-01-06

Very pleased to be part of this! Check out Plus One's amazing showreel. Rock on!!!

NEON BULL/BOI NEON released in cinemas in Brazil! 2015-12-30

After having received many awards and amazing reviews, "Boi Neon" is released in brazilian cinemas!

Check out the cool website with more info on the film: http://www.boineon.com.br/

The Power of Privacy 2015-09-29

The Power of Privacy

It's already out the first of five episodes of the Guardian video series "The Power of Privacy", which I'm doing the sound design and mix for. 

In episode one, Aleks discovers how mobile technology, photography and even the humble chimney have changed the way we think about privacy. Then she travels to the US to meet Max, a professional digital detective. Armed with only her name, he’s challenged to gather as much information on her personal and business affairs as possible. What he finds is staggering.

Check it out!

"Boi Neon" wins at Venice and Toronto!! 2015-09-30

I'm extremely happy to say that "Boi Neon", Gabriel Mascaro's most recent film has won the Special Jury Award at Venice Film Festival and an Honorable Mention at the Toronto Film Festival. Two festivals two awards, amazing start!! Congrats to the amazing team!!

Next stop London BFI, Poland, Adelaide and Rio de Janeiro! More updates to come!!

Latest Updates!! 2015-07-21

Latest Updates!!

Greetings! A lot has happened lately and therefore the lack of updates since 2014!

The year started off very well with a new feature by Gabriel Mascaro. An amazing project, which has the sound design a key element for the storytelling and an extremely challenging one. The film is on its latest stages of post production and will be coming out very soon!

Loads of other projects happened as well over the past months and for several different countries, Brazil, Qatar, UK, Netherlands, Kuwait, USA, and Portugal. On the most recent ones, I can point out "The Shadow", a Mother London film for Stella Artois, a very funny piece for Heineken Champions League by Plus One Amsterdam and "Yulya", a short film by Andre Marques, which premiered at the Vila do Conde Short Film Festival in the beginning of July. A film without any dialogues so extremely dependent on the sound design!

BEST SOUND award for "August Winds"!!! 2014-11-04

BEST SOUND award for

I'm extremely proud to say Ventos de Agosto / August Winds just won best directing and BEST SOUND at Janela Internacional de Cinema Film Festival, in Recife, Brazil!!! Once again...Amazing film, amazing team!!!! Congrats to all!!=)

Madron nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award!!! 2014-10-25

Madron nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award!!!

I'm delighted to annouce that "Madron" has been nominated for a BAFTA Children's Award.

Fingers crossed for the 23rd November when the Awards Ceremony takes place at The Roundhouse in Camden!

"August Winds" amazing review on the latest edition of Sight&Sound with a note on the sound design!! 2014-09-08

According to the latest edition of Sight & Sound | The International Film Magazine this year's discovery at the Locarno Film Festival (famous for discovering new talent) was Ventos de Agosto / August Winds!

"...a dreamy, mysterious contemplation of death and the passing of time set in an isolated village on Brazil's coast. Mascaro seamlessly blends nonfiction observation of rural life and the natural world with quiet drama [...] The result was an oneiric but not too enigmatic tale, with remarkable sound design and imagery."

Once again..amazing film..amazing team!!!=)

Creative Sound Design Masterclass at FEST 2014-06-25

Creative Sound Design Masterclass at FEST

I'm extremely pleased to say that I'll be giving a Creative Sound Design Masterclass on Saturday 28th June. This is part of the Training Ground of the "FEST - International Film Festival" in Espinho. All invited!

"August Winds/Ventos de Agosto" Mixed in Brazil 2014-06-10

After a very challenging editing process, which took us to re-construct more than 90% of the film's soundtrack, "August Winds/Ventos de Agosto" was finally mixed. The final stage of the sound post process of Gabriel Mascaro's latest feature film took place in Recife, Brazil at the PortoMedia's estudios. A huge experience and a beautiful film!

Smokin' Barrel - Straight from Amsterdam 2014-05-01

Smokin' Barrel - Straight from Amsterdam

Straight from Amsterdam, Smokin' Barrel is one of the most recent production companies I have the pleasure to be working with. This will join companies like Bullion (UK), Planet Jump (UK), Zcene (NL), The Film House (Qatar), 3DD (UK) and Plus One Amsterdam (NL).

Check one of our last collaborations...Smokin!!

Best Sound for “A Onda Traz, O Vento Leva!” 2014-05-01

Best Sound for “A Onda Traz, O Vento Leva!”

I'm extremely pleased to annouce that “A Onda Traz, O Vento Leva!” was the winner of the Best Sound Award at the “7 Cine Musica – Festival de Cinema de Conservatoria 2013”, in Brazil. Not only is this award very gratifying for me as the sound designer, but also a confirmation of the amazing work from the whole team! Congrats!!


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